November 2011 archive

Nov 28

My Blogging Experience

I have been running this blog for two months now, so I thought I would pause and share my experience in setting up and running a blog so far. Get a website The first thing you need when setting up a blog is a website. This requires that you obtain a URL and a web …

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Nov 20

Look Around!

Sometimes as photographers we fail to see the forest for the trees. We get so involved with a subject that we forget to look around and see if there are other targets of opportunity. Example: I was at Yosemite National Park. Arguably the most beautiful place on Earth. I’m there with a friend specifically to …

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Nov 10

Copyrights and Photography

First, let me state that I am not a lawyer; I don’t even play one on TV. The information in this article is gleaned from various sources on the internet and, while I believe it to be accurate, you should do your own research. Also, I am not going to cover all aspects of copyrights …

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Nov 05

Mind Your Backgrounds

Here’s a quick tip on composition: Before pressing that shutter, quickly scan the background for distractions!   Here was a photo I took of my daughter carving a pumpkin (Fig 1). I actually planned the shot to capture the moment when the top of the pumpkin was removed, since there is usually lots of hanging …

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